About RNNC 2017

The Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) is an inspiring three-day event hosted each year by one of 20+ Midwestern cities and 5 States: Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. It’s a place where volunteers, corporations, governments, and community leaders gather to learn from each other and gain valuable ideas to help transform their own community. It features a wide variety of workshops about state of the art approaches to neighborhood improvement, presentations by experts and leaders in urban and neighborhood development, and lots of fun, food, and entertainment!

RNNC 2017 will take place October 5 – 7, 2017, at the Old National Events Plaza in downtown Evansville, Indiana.

The event is co-hosted by the City of Evansville’s Department of Metropolitan Development (DMD) and United Neighborhoods of Evansville (UNOE), our neighborhood association umbrella organization.

THEME: Neighborhoods: Where Life Happens
No matter where you work or play, your neighborhood is the cornerstone of your existence. If you aren’t happy where you live, it’s going to affect every other area of your life! Every day, in every city, there are people working hard to make their homes and neighborhoods a better place. Learn from their success stories and take home ideas to implement in your own community and neighborhoods.

The RNNC is a place where community leaders and volunteers gather to exchange information with one another in order to gain valuable ideas to take back and help improve or transform their own communities.

Attendees may be representatives of these or other groups from their communities:

  • Nonprofit organizations with a mission to build resilient families and vibrant communities
  • Local units of government (municipal and county) responsible for community development, economic development and planning
  • Financial and investment institutions committed to community reinvestment
  • Allies in philanthropy
  • Real estate developers and agents
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Public housing authorities
  • Neighborhood and Community leaders and volunteers
  • Mayors, Councilpersons, and Department Heads

Workshops – 30 different workshops featuring state of the art approaches to neighborhood improvements, area redevelopments, crime, safety, public and private investments and collaborative initiatives to better communities.

Networking – In addition to these informative workshops, the RNNC is a great opportunity to network with your neighboring peers from other states as well as enjoy tours and amenities of the host city.

Tours & Events – Explore some of Evansville’s premier sites and special events as part of the Conference Tours or during your free time.

Meals & Entertainment – All meals will be buffet style with delicious selections. Local talent will entertain and inspire during meal times and as part of evening options.

Awards – Nominate a hero from your community for the Stella Stewart and Eric Turner Awards. Awards ceremonies will take place at the conference.

Contact United Neighborhoods of Evansville at (812) 428-4243 or email info@rnnc2017.com with any questions.
UNOE office hours are Mon- Thurs, 9:00 am to 3:00 PM.


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