The Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) is an inspiring three-day event hosted each year by one of 20+ Midwestern cities. It’s a place where volunteers, corporations, governments, and community leaders gather to learn from each other and gain valuable ideas to help transform their own community. It features a wide variety of workshops about state of the art approaches to neighborhood improvement, presentations by experts and leaders in urban and neighborhood development, and lots of fun, food, and entertainment!

The conference gathers community leaders, neighborhood volunteers, corporations, local government agencies, philanthropists, real estate developers and businesses together to exchange information and gain valuable ideas to take back and help improve or transform their own communities. The RNNC features a wide variety of workshops about state of the art approaches to neighborhood improvements, area redevelopments, crime, safety, and public & private investments.  In addition to these informative workshops, the RNNC is a great opportunity to network with your neighboring peers from other states as well as enjoy tours and amenities of the host city.

2017’s conference will take place at the Old National Events Plaza, hosted by the city of Evansville, Indiana in cooperation with United Neighborhoods of Evansville (UNOE), our neighborhood association umbrella organization. Our theme this year is Neighborhoods: Where Life Happens. No matter where you work or play, your neighborhood is the cornerstone of your existence. If you aren’t happy where you live, it’s going to affect every other area of your life! And every day, in every city, there are people working hard to make their homes and neighborhoods a better place. Learn from their success stories and take home ideas to implement in your own community at RNNC 2017, October 5-7!

Follow along with this website, our Facebook page and the hashtag #rnnc2017 for updates! We’ll be posting information on becoming a workshop presenter, volunteer sign-up, conference registration and more! Please see our Stella Stewart and Eric Turner nomination forms, live now.

History of the RNNC


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